Welcome to Timebars

A fully drag and drop Project Management Tool with Browser based Scheduling Engine Timebars look and feel

Why choose to use Timebars?

To change the way you work and use software tools to manage your people and their committments to the department and to projects. We cannot afford to maintain duplicate data but we need better tools to graphically visualize our committments on a time scale. The above graphic ilustrates my people working on Projects, Tasks and Software releases and I can schedule and track the work with my finger on a touch screen or with a mouse.

Burning the dependance on IT

Timebars is a "no installation", web browswer based tool that can be used by departmental managers to keep track of who is working on what project and who is avalialbe for other work. Using visual drag and drop bars you can move work allocations across time level overallocated resources.

Burning the trunk of IT dependance. With timebars you only need a web browser and an internet connection.